Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Traditional Rake Looms — Felting and Dishcloths

"Oak Woods," 18" 3G (1/3") rake. Square oak, 50 pins, RH cast. $24.96

Loon Looms are individually created from oak and other fine hardwoods especially for the loom knitter, felting enthusiast, fiber artist, weaver and dishcloth knitter. Each custom-made oak wood single-rake loom is individually artist decorated, hand crafted, and given a final finish of multiple hand-buffed coats of hard wax for warmth, beauty and durability. Loon Looms are created for those fiber enthusiasts for whom the process is as important as the product, and who enjoy the feel and flow of fine fibers over beautiful wood.

Other designs available "Pine Woods," "Pheasant Feather, and "The Rose."


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