Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Custom Looms — Beveled Oak

Loon Looms are custom made and available in both traditional (square stock) and beveled-face styles (for greater comfort and control), and in a variety of fine hardwoods, including oak, maple, poplar, mahogany, tropical ramin and more.
Each Loon Loom is artist-decorated, and given a final finish of multiple hand-buffed coats of hard wax for warmth, beauty and durability.

Custom looms can be crafted in FG (Fine Gauge — 1/4" spacing), 3G (1/3" spacing), SG (Small Gauge — 3/8" spacing), and HG (Half Gauge — 1/2" spacing), and in lengths from 8" up to 24" and longer. Loon Looms are made with RH (right hand) cast, but can be special ordered in neutral and LH (left hand) casts.

Thank you for looking, and loom on!


Anonymous BoonzaierBabe said...

Beautiful stuff, what do you mean by casts?

5:30 AM  

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